Shortcuts to make your move easier and save money at the same time – who doesn’t want to do that?

  1. Find freebies – check or Craigslist “free Stuff” for boxes and moving supplies

2.  Pack to unpack – start with what you don’t use that often.  The kitchen has the most items that you can start packing that are not everyday essentials.

3.  Pack a first night box – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, change of clothes, pajamas.  There is nothing like opening all your boxes and finding these items in the last box you open. Especially on your first night in your new place, when you are exhausted

4.  Color code – assign each room a color.  Buy colored duct tape and put pieces on those boxes.  No need to label every box.

5.   Bag it – group clothes together, zip tie and cover with a large garbage bag.

6.  Cover up – use old fitted sheets to cover your mattresses and box springs.

7.  Wrap it – wrap heavy duty plastic around small scare furniture,  end tables, corner desks.  This will seal the drawers and prevent spillage on moving day.  No need to pack the contents.

8.  Tape under – take all bolts, parts of furniture that needs disassembling and place in a Ziploc.  Tape to the bottom of that piece of furniture

Hopefully these little cheats will help make your move smoother and with less stress.  Contact me for my Make Your Move Easier.  I will be happy to send it to you.  And Good Luck with the move!!!