You might love your home, but if you are thinking of selling it, it’s time to do some updating.  Even if you aren’t planning on selling, ditching some of the old and bringing in the new can make your home feel fresh again.

1.  White appliances – they make a home feel dated and can be a deal-breaker for buyers, unless your kitchen is all white (meaning cabinets, appliances and that’s the look you are going for.)  They are also harder to keep clean.  If you aren’t a fan of stainless, go with the new slate gray.

2. Glass mosaic backsplash – Unfortunately it screams 2006.  Change it out for a subway tile or marble in a neutral palate.

3. Busy wallpaper and bold paint.  You may love your wallpaper, but a buyer won’t.  And they will assume it will cost a fortune to remove it, so your home will not have the same value as your neighbor who just sold their home.  Neutral walls help the home sell quicker and for more money than you would expect.  A buyer doesn’t want to repaint walls before they can move in, and if they have to, will reduce the price they are willing to pay.  Move in ready is always best.

4. Dated, boring fixtures and hardware – If you are still sporting gold appliances and fixtures, consider a makeover.  Gold gives a home a 1980’s feel.  Take a serious look at cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures and door knobs.  They can collectively through the age of your home back decades.

5.  Tiled Countertops –  they are dated, it is really hard to keep the grout clean and a broken or chipped tile is the kiss of death.  You don’t have to go granite, there are lots of options out there to consider and can be within your budget.

6.  Popcorn ceilings – Nothing says dated like a popcorn ceiling.  Its a giant, messy project for a buyer so call a contractor and get it done!

7.  Carpeted bathrooms – No sugarcoating this one – get the carpet out of the bathroom.  Nothing says mold like carpet in a bathroom, not to mention…..well we won’t go there.

8.  Wood paneling – It depends.  If it’s gorgeous wainscoting you might want to leave it.  But if your room is screaming that 70’s show, you’ve been warned.  Paneling instantly dates a home.

9.  Linoleum floors – nothing says dated like this, nobody likes it and everyone wants to get rid of it.  If often looks cheap and feels hollow.